Universal Unity of Spirit

An ecclesiastical association dedicated to sharing
Spiritual teachings that will inspire, enlighten
and encourage those seeking greater awareness.


Gain an insight into the lecturers and presenters that frequent Universal Unity of Spirit. Most are uniquely inspired and have devoted their lives to their particular area of expertise. Check our Calendar of Events to see when they will be here next.


Rev. Jan Cooke
Jan was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister in 1994.  She is a student of Unity teachings and of many healing modalities, and has taught and lectured at Spiritualist and Unity Centers throughout the US and Canada. Jan is a Reiki Master Teacher and has received high ratings as a thorough and, compassionate teacher. Her secular background, in Human Resources and Counseling, combined with her spiritual studies creates a warm and balanced teaching style.  Jan is a co-founder of Universal Unity of Spirit. janreikimt@yahoo.com

Rev. Jay Cooke
Jay is a licensed Unity Teacher since 1986, was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister through the Universal Spiritualist Association in 1994.  He has studied, and has "hands-on" experience with many religious and spiritual teachings.  His foundation has been established on the goodness and oneness of God's creations.  Jay is a co-founder of Universal Unity of Sprit. E-mail: jayjan2001@yahoo.com


Rev. Ellen Bourn is an incomparable Psychic, Master Astrologer, Medium, Medical Intuitive, and Healer. A third-generation intuitive, she discovered her psychic abilities while still a child. She had the good fortune of growing up in a family that recognized and nurtured her gifts, allowing them to flourish. As a young adult, Ellen began to study, and later teach Astrology. As she deepened her own understanding of the undeniable connection between Body, Mind, and Spirit, she incorporated the teachings of several systems of esoteric knowledge. Ellen Bourn regularly lectures and conducts workshops in the U.S. and Canada from her Buffalo, NY location. She is a Life Member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the internationally- renowned Spiritualist Community in Western New York State. Her busy practice also includes private consultations and personalized weekly classes focusing on a variety of metaphysical topics. (716) 467-3211

Rev. Susan Dinsmore, resident of Paris, Ontario Canada has devoted her time and energy for many years to her training in physical and mental mediumship as well as community and charitable initiatives. She created and coordinated Hopes Christmas Angel Bags which provided 350 underprivileged children with Christmas gifts in the Brantford and London areas. She serves several churches in Canada and is an Honorary Minister With East Hamilton Spiritual Center. Rev. Dinsmore is also a member of Universal Unity of Spirit.

Normandi Ellis is a Spiritualist minister, Egyptologist, astrologer, and certified medium missionary through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. She the award-winning author of 13 books, including her translations of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, now considered a spiritual classic. Her other works include her most recent book, The Union of Isis and Thoth, coauthored with Nicki Scully. She conducts spiritual travel in Egypt and is currently working on another book, a novel about Spiritualism.

Dr. Stan Kendz began seeing auras in his youth, and has helped thousands of people in North America and Europe regain their innate ability to see and manage the auras of light.

Dr. Stan received a PhD. for his consciousness-based research and for the extremely valuable contributions that the analysis of his research data has contributed to the scientific understanding of human consciousness, and its intimate connection to all of the Laws of Nature.

Fondly known as The Good Luck Doctor, Dr. Stan is semi-retired and enjoys spending most of his time traveling, writing books, keynote speaking, consulting and mentoring individuals. StanKendz.com TheGoodLuckDr.com

Rev. Teresa C. Schaeffer is an Ordained Minister and Prayer Chaplain, Lily Dale Registered Medium, Certified Healer, Yoga Siromani, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Etheric Photographer. She is an Academy of Holistic Fitness Enlighten your Body Instructor and is Holistic Fitness Specialty Certified. She serves Lily Dale Assembly, The Church of the Living Spirit, Lily Dale Spiritualist Church and Universal Unity of Spirit among others as a Medium, healer, Inspirational speaker, workshop leader and chairperson. Teresa also facilitates meditation and development circles as well as Native American Sacred ceremonies. She shares her home ~ "Jewel of the Lake" with guests to Lily Dale. For more information: http://www.jewelofthelake.com/ http://www.teresaschaeffer.com/ and http://www.orbsrus.com/

White Dove Crow is a Cree Medicine Woman from the Moose Clan. She embraces the ancient teachings of her elders which she shares back in the traditional way of quietly walking the medicine walk.

White Dove Crow invites others to share her vision of Fire Medicine, and guides those pure of heart in the ancient ways of the sacred pipe, sweat lodge, high ceremony and horsemanship. She delivers teachings of the Nature of Creator's Creations, facilitates Women's retreats, and presents native cultural teaching within educational communities

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