Universal Unity of Spirit

An ecclesiastical association dedicated to sharing
Spiritual teachings that will inspire, enlighten
and encourage those seeking greater awareness.



We do not require application fees, annual or monthly dues. Your dontations, love offerings and tithes are gratefully and thankfully accepted.

Application for membership:

  • All persons desiring membership shall submit an application to the Board for review and for membership records.  Prior to receiving membership, the applicant will be required to attend an orientation class and formal introduction to Universal Unity of Spirit.
  • Membership is open to those who meet the following criteria:
    • Submits an application
    • Subscribes to and believes in the principles of Universal Unity of Spirit and remains in good standing through on-going regular participation and support of the activities of Universal Unity of Spirit.

    Regular membership -- open to any person eighteen  (18) years of age or older who meets the criteria above.

    Junior membership -- persons under the age of eighteen (18) are entitled to participate in services and activities of the organization with the exception of holding office and voting.

    Life Membership -- Life members shall be charter members of Universal Unity of Spirit.

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